From the recording Volume 1

Song and all tracks/programming written and performed by Barnaby Hazen.


So much for plans of going to see Superman

or for the perfect grades balled up in your hand

your bags are ready someone stamped you a pass

and in the paperwork they aren't even your mom or your dad

Initiation is a knife to the throat

and making fun of you for what they thought you ought to have known

and anybody might have did what you've done

disowned and disillusioned young son

who went running

Into the wrong hands

They'll teach you how to steal at Morningside Park

and how to work around the cops if you should land in a spot

through the night you can't help seeing her face

she called to you and you couldn't stop

wishing you might escape

from every faceless sadist you've never known

to paper pushers ripping you from your home

to boys you had to beat to follow along

too late to find your way back to where

you took to falling

Into the wrong hands