From the recording Volume 1

Song and all tracks/programming written and performed by Barnaby Hazen.


Congratulations it seems
Horatio Alger's wet dream
came up from nothing
well not exactly nothing
with those family contributions unseen
Reroute the dirt at my feet
rent me the air that I breathe
dial a murder's the sound that you heard
from my intentions to your favorite ear-piece
Here's to the spoils of the American cornucopia
and thank you kindly for reminding me we're not in Ethiopia
You're such the Johnny on the Spot
to come and tell me when I'm fucked
I'm through with soft gloves for fair-weather love
and no I wouldn't care to meet
these parties you're speaking of
Here's to the spoils of the American cornucopia
And praise God's protections of the capitalist utopia
And when the market is hot
you'll think of what you have not
some kind of fever you've got
but are you happy?
And when there's no one around
to shut your syndicates down
have someone send in the clowns
will you be happy?
It's such a delicate line
but take your measures in time
think of the stories behind
and are you happy?